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We carry many thermoplastic materials not represented in our online catalog. Please call 440.288.8137 or click request information and we can assist with your query.
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Polystyrene - PS

We also specialize in conversion for various Thermoplastics. We can convert your material into welding rods. Call for current pricing on this service.

In stock orders will go out the same day if they are received before 2:00 pm (EST). In stock orders requiring next day service can be accommodated until 3:30 pm.

Manufacturer’s MSDSs and Specification Sheets are available upon request.

For those using extrusion welders, we can provide welding rod on spools. We carry several sizes of spools and can supply one to meet the needs of your application. Our standard spools can hold between 1# To 35# of most thermoplastics, while 30# Is the standard amount stocked for inventory.

Terms: net 30 days. Prices are F.O.B. Lorain, Ohio. Prices are subject to change without notice. Prices on this schedule are all per pound and weights are net.

Triangular, Oval and Flat rods are available upon request .

Tolerances: Round +0.000" -0.010": Triangular +0.010" -0.010": Oval and Flat +0".005" -0.005"

Spools are available in net weights up to 30# net. Spool cost - $4.50/each (plastic), $6.00/each (wooden). Standard coils are 15# each packaged 2/box. Other coil sizes are available upon request at an additional charge of $1.00/coil.

Orders which do not meet full container requirements will be assessed a small handling charge. Drop ship charge is $1.00/order. A set-up fee will be imposed on all orders that are not standard size, material, and/or color.

Custom colors require a 55# minimum order.

Minimum order quantity is 5#. Exceptions-Kynar™ and Haiar™ -1# minimum. Orders over 500#-reduce price $.05/lb and at each 500# increment thereafter up to 3,500#

Returned shipments must be authorized and shipped to V & A Process Inc. 1230 Colorado Avenue Lorain, OH 44052. All returned orders due to customer error will be subject to a 20% restock charge. "All returned orders meeting our specifications will be subject to a 20% restock charge". Special orders are NOT returnable.

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item-4400 1/4 Polystyrene Natural MW Coils 1/4 in Natural MW Coils
item-4401 1/4 Polystyrene Natural MWK Coils 1/4 in Natural MWK Coils
item-4402 1/4 Polystyrene Natural MWK Rods 1/4 in Natural MWK Rods
item-4403 1/4 Polystyrene Natural MWK Spools 1/4 in Natural MWK Spools
item-4404 1/4 Polystyrene Natural MW Rods 1/4 in Natural MW Rods
item-4405 1/4 Polystyrene Natural MW Spools 1/4 in Natural MW Spools
item-4406 1/4 Polystyrene Natural Oval Coils 1/4 in Natural Oval Coils
item-4407 1/4 Polystyrene Natural Oval Rods 1/4 in Natural Oval Rods
item-4408 1/4 Polystyrene Natural Oval Spools 1/4 in Natural Oval Spools
item-4409 1/4 Polystyrene Natural Round Coils 1/4 in Natural Round Coils
item-4410 1/4 Polystyrene Natural Round Rods 1/4 in Natural Round Rods
item-4411 1/4 Polystyrene Natural Round Spools 1/4 in Natural Round Spools
item-4412 0.175 Polystyrene Natural Tri Coils 0.175 in Natural Tri Coils
item-4413 0.175 Polystyrene Natural Tri Rods 0.175 in Natural Tri Rods
item-4414 0.175 Polystyrene Natural Tri Spools 0.175 in Natural Tri Spools
item-4415 1/8 Polystyrene Natural MW Coils 1/8 in Natural MW Coils
item-4416 1/8 Polystyrene Natural MWK Coils 1/8 in Natural MWK Coils
item-4417 1/8 Polystyrene Natural MWK Rods 1/8 in Natural MWK Rods
item-4418 1/8 Polystyrene Natural MWK Spools 1/8 in Natural MWK Spools
item-4419 1/8 Polystyrene Natural MW Rods 1/8 in Natural MW Rods
item-4420 1/8 Polystyrene Natural MW Spools 1/8 in Natural MW Spools
item-4421 1/8 Polystyrene Natural Oval Coils 1/8 in Natural Oval Coils
item-4422 1/8 Polystyrene Natural Oval Rods 1/8 in Natural Oval Rods
item-4423 1/8 Polystyrene Natural Oval Spools 1/8 in Natural Oval Spools
item-4424 1/8 Polystyrene Natural Round Coils 1/8 in Natural Round Coils
item-4425 1/8 Polystyrene Natural Round Rods 1/8 in Natural Round Rods
item-4426 1/8 Polystyrene Natural Round Spools 1/8 in Natural Round Spools
item-4427 0.236 Polystyrene Natural Tri Coils 0.236 in Natural Tri Coils
item-4428 0.236 Polystyrene Natural Tri Rods 0.236 in Natural Tri Rods
item-4429 0.236 Polystyrene Natural Tri Spools 0.236 in Natural Tri Spools
item-4430 0.275 Polystyrene Natural Tri Coils 0.275 in Natural Tri Coils
item-4431 0.275 Polystyrene Natural Tri Rods 0.275 in Natural Tri Rods
item-4432 0.275 Polystyrene Natural Tri Spools 0.275 in Natural Tri Spools
item-4433 3/16 Polystyrene Natural MW Coils 3/16 in Natural MW Coils
item-4434 3/16 Polystyrene Natural MWK Coils 3/16 in Natural MWK Coils
item-4435 3/16 Polystyrene Natural MWK Rods 3/16 in Natural MWK Rods
item-4436 3/16 Polystyrene Natural MWK Spools 3/16 in Natural MWK Spools
item-4437 3/16 Polystyrene Natural MW Rods 3/16 in Natural MW Rods
item-4438 3/16 Polystyrene Natural MW Spools 3/16 in Natural MW Spools
item-4439 3/16 Polystyrene Natural Oval Coils 3/16 in Natural Oval Coils
item-4440 3/16 Polystyrene Natural Oval Rods 3/16 in Natural Oval Rods
item-4441 3/16 Polystyrene Natural Oval Spools 3/16 in Natural Oval Spools
item-4442 3/16 Polystyrene Natural Round Coils 3/16 in Natural Round Coils
item-4443 3/16 Polystyrene Natural Round Rods 3/16 in Natural Round Rods
item-4444 3/16 Polystyrene Natural Round Spools 3/16 in Natural Round Spools
item-4445 3/32 Polystyrene Natural MW Coils 3/32 in Natural MW Coils
item-4446 3/32 Polystyrene Natural MWK Coils 3/32 in Natural MWK Coils
item-4447 3/32 Polystyrene Natural MWK Rods 3/32 in Natural MWK Rods
item-4448 3/32 Polystyrene Natural MWK Spools 3/32 in Natural MWK Spools
item-4449 3/32 Polystyrene Natural MW Rods 3/32 in Natural MW Rods
item-4450 3/32 Polystyrene Natural MW Spools 3/32 in Natural MW Spools
item-4451 3/32 Polystyrene Natural Round 5# Coils 3/32 in Natural Round 5# Coils
item-4452 3/32 Polystyrene Natural Round Coils 3/32 in Natural Round Coils
item-4453 3/32 Polystyrene Natural Round Rods 3/32 in Natural Round Rods
item-4454 3/32 Polystyrene Natural Round Misc Coils 3/32 in Natural Round Misc Coils
item-4455 3/32 Polystyrene Natural Round Misc Spools 3/32 in Natural Round Misc Spools
item-4456 3/32 Polystyrene Natural Round Spools 3/32 in Natural Round Spools
item-4457 5/32 Polystyrene Natural MW Coils 5/32 in Natural MW Coils
item-4458 5/32 Polystyrene Natural MWK Coils 5/32 in Natural MWK Coils
item-4459 5/32 Polystyrene Natural MWK Rods 5/32 in Natural MWK Rods
item-4460 5/32 Polystyrene Natural MWK Spools 5/32 in Natural MWK Spools
item-4461 5/32 Polystyrene Natural MW Rods 5/32 in Natural MW Rods
item-4462 5/32 Polystyrene Natural MW Spools 5/32 in Natural MW Spools
item-4463 5/32 Polystyrene Natural Oval Coils 5/32 in Natural Oval Coils
item-4464 5/32 Polystyrene Natural Oval Rods 5/32 in Natural Oval Rods
item-4465 5/32 Polystyrene Natural Oval Spools 5/32 in Natural Oval Spools
item-4466 5/32 Polystyrene Natural Round Coils 5/32 in Natural Round Coils
item-4467 5/32 Polystyrene Natural Round Rods 5/32 in Natural Round Rods
item-4468 5/32 Polystyrene Natural Round Spools 5/32 in Natural Round Spools
item-4469 1/8 Polystyrene White Round Rods 1/8 in White Round Rods
item-4470 1/8 Polystyrene Black Round Rods 1/8 in Black Round Rods
item-4471 3/16 Polystyrene Black Round Rods 3/16 in Black Round Rods
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